May 052017

Episode 02: Psycho Daughter
“Killing things shouldn’t make you happy, Rosa. That’s why they’re worried.”
― Justine Larbalestier, My Sister Rosa

And here we go just another one of those bad parent stori—— WAIT WHAT!?
Game Horror Rating: ☠☠☠ (3/5)

Game Review: ★★★ (3/5 Stars)
A Wolf in Autumn is a remarkably surprising game. You play a nine year old who finds herself locked inside a shed in a fenced area in the middle of the forest. As you manage to break out of the wooden shack that is your prison, you receive a message from your mother, warning you about the dangers of moving about. It is now your choice whether to listen or to continue exploring.

Upon choosing the latter, we find ourselves in a short but deed storyline unlike any other captivity story that I have previously encountered. Nothing turns out to be quite the way I expected it to and I assume it would be the same for most anyone who plays this. Having played Fingerbones first there is a resemblance between the two games – obviously since they’re both made by the same creator.

The graphics are quite nice, and a little odd with unusual color combinations on every-day items. The atmosphere is therefore unique, sometimes relaxing and sometimes creepy. The riddles are a bit weird for me personally but I liked having some trouble passing through the game – it kind of added to that feeling of helplessness and confusion one has the impression the girl must have felt.

Altogether a very nice indie game, although sometimes a bit annoying with systems like for example only being able to pick up a single item at a time and not being able to interact with anything while carrying it.
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