Apr 072017

Episode 02: Bottle Noir
It’s a beautiful world. But what is left of beauty when you have it all to yourself, when there is no one around to share it with?
Game Rating: ⚜⚜⚜ (3/5)

Game Review: ★★★ (3/5 Stars)
What we have here is an indie game with extraordinarily good graphics. I played this game on the highest settings and it was a journey through heaven. The landscape was absolutely beautiful and the background music very relaxing. Bottle is a Walking Simulator – and it takes that title very seriously. The gameplay consists of one main thing: Walking!
Apart from a few notes we can find and pick up, and a short sequence in the beginning and the end of the game, there is nothing but a very linear, almost non-existing storyline. A few implications are made, but there is no consistent story or setting that I could find. I’ve tried exploring a little bit and got lost with no pointers as to where to get back to the path I had to go, which means that while the game is somewhat open world, it’s potentially very frustrating when you decide to use that feature.

To me, for the purposes of a “bedtime story” type of game to calm down before going to sleep, it definitely does its job, but as a game in general, it’s at most acceptable even though beautiful.
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