Nov 042016

Full Game: Psycho D(e)ad
When I was 15 years old, I lost my virginity. I shook uncontrollably the entire time. I felt that same primal excitement last night in the cellar.

– Dad

Well, this is messed up. We’re playing a psychological horror game, find a bunch of Fingerbones (altho apparently the girl only had 9 fingers), and die because we are too stupid to climb back out of our own cellar in the dark. Cra-a-azy. 🙂
Game Horror Rating: ☠ (1/5 Skulls)

Game Review: ★★ (2/5 Stars)
I have to admit that I was fairly disappointed by this game. There were some great reviews and everything pointed to this being a great even though short psychological horror game. I didn’t mind the graphics, which are quite bad, the music that never seemed to really change, and the sound effects that were literally almost non-existent and when existent looping in very short loops. It’s an indie game, right?

However, I was expecting a somewhat more thrilling story and a little more gameplay than it ended up being. It took me just over 10 minutes to get through the game, and not even the implications of rape and murder were really getting to me the way they were delivered.

In the end, I recommend the game since maybe some people really enjoy it and it’s not terrible, but for myself personally this was just disappointing.
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