May 082017

Full Game: Mountain of Fire
On our journey up the mountain of fire we find ourselves alone in a beautiful world.
Game Rating: ⚜⚜⚜ (3/5)

Game Review: ★★ (2/5 Stars)
Drizzlepath is a relaxing walking simulator that places you in the position of a man who is alone on a journey up a mountain in a beautiful landscape. As with the other games from this developer, the game convinced with gorgeous graphics and an atmospherical beauty that so many games are missing.

The story was very difficult to follow – despite there being an attempt of a storyline created by regular voice acting sequences playing in the background, it was impossible to understand what that voice actor said due to a strong accent and a lack of subtitles, making it impossible to understand what the game was all about.

While the graphics as well as the animations are gorgeous, any changes on the resolution or graphic files would cause the game to crash sooner or later before completion, and with the standards being reset after a restart, it was therefore not possible to discover the game’s full graphical potential.

A distinct lack of music was present throughout the game – music only appeared shortly before, during and after a moment of voice acting but despite – admittedly well done – ambient sounds, the rest of the game felt fairly empty. I have a feeling that this could be intended to add to the feeling of natural isolation you find yourself in, but even a quiet or occasional background track would have improved the game experience a ton.

Gameplay wise, I was positively surprised to find myself able to swim! I hadn’t been expecting that and it was a great feeling to jump into the sea and dive and swim away from my troubles. The running speed, while not adjustable between walking and running, was well balanced and didn’t feel too fast or slow, making the walking simulator fairly enjoyable. Jumping also worked well and almost made me jealous of this person’s ability to jump quite far.

In conclusion, the game itself was very relaxing and enjoyable, however with the lack of music and ability to understand the story (due to the lack of subtitles), I found myself a little bored after a while just aimlessly following a path. The beautiful environment still made the game a very nice experience, but in my eyes some small adjustments could improve the quality of that experience by far.
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