Dec 212016

Full Game: The Ship Of The Dead
“The River Styx,’ Annabeth murmured. ‘It’s so…’
‘Polluted,’ Charon said. ‘For thousands of years, you humans have been throwing in everything as you come across – hopes, dreams, wishes that never came true. Irresponsible waste management, if you ask me.”

― Rick Riordan

Stranded in a very strange environment, we end up on a ship with very weird passengers as we try to uncover who we are and what happened.
Game Relaxation/& Atmosphere Rating: ⚜⚜⚜ (3/5 Fleur-De-Lis)

Game Review: ★★★ (3/5 Stars)
Port Of Call is a fairly decent indie adventure game. If you’re looking for a horror game, which this is tagged as, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. The atmosphere of the game is alright, although while mysterious it is not creepy or scary in any way. The game’s graphics are very simplistic although okay for a F2P indie game.
The story of the game is very original and interesting, however the gameplay time is only approximately 30 minutes and consists mainly of conversations without voice over.

If you’re looking for an interesting and original, however short, indie game, this is just the game you’re looking for. If you however want to be a little creeped out even, this might not be the game you want to play.
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