Oct 152016

Full Game: Going To Hell
You took the best years of my life and gave only empty words in return. We’ve gone as far as we can and something’s got to give.

– Serena

Serena… Your long blonde hair stuck in your comb is the only thing I have left to remember you. Your smell lingers with your mirror and your perfume, dazing my senses as the memories of our nights together fill my mind with warmth.
Serena… How everything changed. How your smell turned to acid, how your words turned to poison, how your beauty became a curse. Happiness never lasts. Love never lingers. Life always fades.

As the flames of love turn into my greatest pain, our memories morph into unspeakable acts of love and despair. When the flames finally swallow all of me, I no longer remain on earth.
Game Horror Rating: ☠ (1/5 Skulls)

Game Review: ★★★★ (4/5 Stars)
This game, while taking place in a single location with no obvious changes to the environment, allows the player to merge with the character they play and understand, even share, is feelings as the game goes on.
An initial friendly, warm and loving atmosphere turns into anger, even madness, as the memories of a lost love return and a horrible truth unravels.

This game manages to scare without any true horror elements, and to get to the player in a way few games can. It’s a psychological horror, although admittedly the actual feeling of horror was really replaced by a few elements of shock.

All together a great, even though short game and very worth playing.
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